Is pain, a re-occurring injury or physical limitation holding you back from exercising?

It doesn’t have to.

How can I possibly exercise when I have pain/an injury?

Leading sports and fitness industry expert Dr John Rusin, a specialist in injury prevention, has developed a model of personal training specifically to allow people with pre-existing pain, re-occurring injuries or physical limitations to take part in high quality pain free training sessions.

To help more people train without pain, the model designed by Dr Rusin is now taught to industry professionals through a certified course (PPSC) – one that the team at Lee Paines Health & Wellness recently completed.

Is exercise really worth the risk if I have an injury?

Personal training isn’t just about elite sports people getting fitter, faster and stronger. It’s about keeping your body and mind healthy so you can perform to your best, whether your best is a countryside walk, running a marathon, playing contact sport or simply staying mobile in day to day life.

How do I know ‘pain free’ training will work for me?

The training can be adapted to a variety of injuries and issues. Over the last decade, Dr Rusin’s programme has been ‘tried and tested’ at all levels: from general fitness to the highest levels of professional and Olympic sport.

How does it work in practice?

It’s simple. You tell us about your pre-existing aches, pains and injuries during an initial consultation session and we’ll design a programme that works around any conditions you might have. We’ll help you minimise the risk of resurfacing pain and injury whilst building strength and fitness.

Pain isn’t really my problem – there are some things my body just won’t do. Can you still help?

Yes. The method of training the team are certified on doesn’t just focus on existing pain. It is also used to help work around any physical limitations you may have to prevent injuries in the first case. Perhaps for example an old injury means you don’t have the full range of motion you used to in your arm, leg or anywhere else. We can work around that and teach you how to place your body in positions to be pain-free and resilient for life.

Sounds good. Do I need to request this specific type of training?

Actually we automatically apply pain free practices to all our clients as part of our Personal Training services. All you need to do is be honest with us about your personal circumstances and goals and we’ll create a bespoke programme to suit you.

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