Introducing Lee

Lead Personal Trainer
Soft Tissue Therapist
Sports Nutritionist (ISSN PgDip)

I’ve always been passionate about sports and exercise, but like many youngsters who dreamed of being a professional sports player I was unaware of the wider career options offered by the industry.

Un-fulfilled by the engineering career I found myself in, I returned to my passion and retrained as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer in my late 20s.

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Introducing Stuart

Personal Trainer
Soft Tissue Therapist

I was born to train! I started on my training journey at sixteen years of age. Like Lee I always had a passion for training but pursued another career before re training as a personal trainer and soft tissue therapist, and haven’t looked back since making my passion my career.

I genuinely practice what I preach as a trainer, and love motivating and supporting clients with their own training journey.

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Introducing Michaela

Personal Trainer

I came to exercise a little bit later in life, but I have certainly made up for it. I’m now a regular competitor in local triathlons, half marathons and ultra-distance swimming events.

I believe I’ve shown that it doesn’t matter about your fitness level and experience, you can achieve whatever you set out to – the first step is getting started, making small changes will soon help you build a foundation of fitness on which to build,

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Introducing Debbie

Soft Tissue Therapist

I’m Debbie, a specialist soft tissue therapist. On a personal level I’m a keen runner having completed numerous races with distances varying from 5k to marathon.

I’m passionate about my personal performance which is where I learned first hand how important the role of regular soft tissue therapy was for maintaining a high intensity training and race schedule.

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Introducing Trevor

Personal Trainer

After 29 years behind a desk, I decided it was time to make the break and enter the fitness industry. With almost all of those 29 years spent alongside some form of training, it was an easy move.

I am an avid fan of boxing training, a seasoned runner and I have completed half marathons as well as full marathons. I have also spent a good few hours in the saddle, cycling numerous sportives....

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Introducing Kevin

Personal Trainer
Run Leader (L.I.R.F)
FA Football coach
Soft Tissue Therapist (In training)

Sport is in my passion, it’s in my blood. My father worked with race-horses and as a consequence I was born at stables in Newbury. I spent my early years in and around the stables before we relocated to Swindon when I was three.

I fell in love with football as a child. By age 10 I was regularly playing for teams, something I kept up for almost two decades. In my late twenties I progressed to player-coach, a role that was rewarding enough to inspire official coaching qualifications with the FA.

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Introducing Alice

Personal Trainer

Like many people, fitness and exercise was never previously high on my priority list. However, after 14 years of working a 9-5 desk job and paying little attention to my health, I came to the conclusion that should be looking after myself more.

After getting myself into fitness and surrounding myself with positive like minded people, I was fascinated and amazed by the many positive changes it gave me - both physically and mentally.

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Introducing George

Personal Trainer

Health and exercise have always been a real passion of mine. Knowing this was the industry for me I completed a degree in Sports & Exercise science at Cardiff University to give me a strong knowledge base on which to build my career.

Whilst studying I also developed an interest in bodybuilding, winning the junior Mr Wales title.

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Introducing Lindsay

Soft Tissue Therapist/ Dry Needling Therapist

I am a passionate and enthusiastic Soft Tissue Therapist and Dry Needling Therapist with a love for all things cycling and martial arts! I take enormous pride in my work, and seeing the positive changes in someone I have treated is hugely rewarding.

So many people live with on-going issues and long-term pain without knowing that there may be a solution, and that they can be mobile, active, pain-free and focusing on the better things in life than pain and limitations.

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  • Lee is incredibly well educated and stays up to the moment on new discoveries and recent thinking in the sciences that underpin his work – anatomy, physiology and exercise and nutritional science. Then, he listens to me; he really listens to Read More
    Brett: “Listening to me and supporting with injury rehabilitation”
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