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Personal Trainer

I came to exercise a little bit later in life, but I have certainly made up for it. I’m now a regular competitor in local triathlons, half marathons and ultra-distance swimming events.

I believe I’ve shown that it doesn’t matter about your fitness level and experience, you can achieve whatever you set out to – the first step is getting started, making small changes will soon help you build a foundation of fitness on which to build, whether that’s actively competing against others or feeling self pride at being on the starting line.

So whether you're an Ultra runner, Ironman, triathlete, swimmer or just in need of help and advice in kick-starting your journey into the world of reducing body fat, gaining an enviable shape and physique, looking great and feeling even better through weight management, then let me help you.

I design tailor made programmes that range from specific performance events to dropping dress/suit sizes for that special occasion.

I will be with you every step of the way, motivating you to achieve optimal results both physically and mentally. In short, I can help you reach your personal goals!

However big or small your goal may be, we will get there together through hard work and dedication and along the way I guarantee that you'll feel a greater sense of well-being and good health.



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