Soft Tissue Therapist/ Dry Needling Therapist

I am a passionate and enthusiastic Soft Tissue Therapist and Dry Needling Therapist with a love for all things cycling and martial arts! I take enormous pride in my work, and seeing the positive changes in someone I have treated is hugely rewarding.

So many people live with on-going issues and long-term pain without knowing that there may be a solution, and that they can be mobile, active, pain-free and focusing on the better things in life than pain and limitations.

Soft Tissue Therapy is so much more than just Sports Massage; I never wanted to just treat the issue, I wanted to find the cause of the problem to give long-term improvement for my clients instead of just temporary relief from pain. Soft Tissue Therapy, incorporating massage, dry needling, postural correction, muscular and neuromuscular techniques, and rehabilitation exercises; gives me the tools and understanding, as well as the passion, to dig deeper into the source of an issue and find the solution to solve it.

I don’t just treat people in the treatment room, however; I use my knowledge and skills to help those around me whatever the situation, and on numerous occasions I have been found kneeling on a grass verge treating my friends’ ailments during bike rides! My personal passion is cycling; road, gravel, mountain bike, bike-packing… you name it, I’ll ride it. Martial arts is another long-term love of mine, and over the years I have trained in Karate, Kickboxing and most recently TaeKwonDo, where I achieved my black belt a few years ago.

I love solving the variety of issues my clients come to me with, from debilitating headaches and back pain due to the stresses of working life; to athletes training for ultra-distance and World-Championship events who want to perform better and recover faster. Every client is different and I relish the challenge of finding the most effective method of treating them.

Knowing that someone I have treated is free from the pain which has been holding them back for months or years; or who has performed beyond their expecttations in an event or sport, is the greatest reward that I could ask for.

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