Lead Personal Trainer, Educator, Soft Tissue Therapist & Sports Nutritionist (ISSN PgDip)

I’ve always been passionate about sports and exercise, but like many youngsters who dreamed of being a professional sports player I was unaware of the wider career options offered by the industry.

Un-fulfilled by the engineering career I found myself in, I returned to my passion and retrained as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer in my late 20s.

I went on to gain acceptance onto an internationally renowned post graduate diploma in sports and exercise nutrition science in my early 30s on the strength of my vocational courses and experience alone.

Over the last twelve years I’ve grown my business with like-minded professionals; my team, like myself, has life as well as professional experience. We are all sincerely passionate about what we do: we’re all ‘in it’ because we enjoy helping and supporting clients whatever their journey is.

My personal professional ethos is focused on continuous improvement from genuine industry sources: I embrace the opportunity to learn and break down technical detail into meaningful small changes that have big impacts for clients.

You won’t find me churning memes relating to the latest training fad, posting filtered pictures of my last meal, or myself for that matter, on social media for the sake of appearance – that won’t help my clients achieve their goals, or help me advise them in doing so.

My team and I focus our efforts on quality professional education that nurtures our expertise and enables us to have in depth face to face conversations whilst delivering individually tailored training sessions – genuine answers to real health and wellness challenges based on solid knowledge, not hearsay. If you want an opinion on something you’ve read, ask, I’d rather chat to you than promote a post that might not meet your needs.

Since launching my business I’ve become a dad. Despite working in the fitness industry I now have an even better first hand understanding of how juggling a busy work schedule with young children can impact your time and motivation to train as well as your strength to resist temptation when it comes to ‘treats’.

In short I’m human too. I know that making time to look after your own body can be tough but I can’t stress how important it is to prioritise your health. I also know first hand that making time for yourself – whether that’s receiving remedial treatment for aches and pains, getting fitter, losing weight and reducing body fat or exercise as treatment for mental health – is an investment you will not regret making.

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