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Personal Trainer, Run Leader (L.I.R.F), FA Football coach, Soft Tissue Therapist (In training)

Sport is in my passion, it’s in my blood. My father worked with race-horses and as a consequence I was born at stables in Newbury. I spent my early years in and around the stables before we relocated to Swindon when I was three.

I fell in love with football as a child. By age 10 I was regularly playing for teams, something I kept up for almost two decades. In my late twenties I progressed to player-coach, a role that was rewarding enough to inspire official coaching qualifications with the FA. I’ve now coached and volunteered with children’s teams for 12 years – my enthusiasm hasn’t waned.

My desire to be ‘football fit’ spawned another passion: running. Initially a means to being athletically fit for matches, I developed a love of running in its own right. I’ve run in excess of 30 half marathons and have completed 6 full marathons, most recently 2019 London Marathon which I completed in aid of charity. As official races recommence this year I have two big events planned: Berlin Marathon and Manchester Marathon.

Marathon running requires a level of dedication I have become adept at managing: working, training, keeping up life-admin and studying requires precision organisation and dedication to stick to a carefully crafted plan – but I have first hand experience that it is possible.

Marathon running not only required me to adapt my timetable, but it led to a fascination with the human body. There is something marvellous about the body’s ability to adapt, to continue, to conquer. My passion became my pathway and career. I’m currently studying for a BTech Level 5 soft tissue sport massage qualification, and plan to further develop my knowledge within the sports industry once the course is complete.

I’ve always loved exercise, the great outdoors and the gym and sharing my passion and experience with others. Now in my late 30s I can think of nothing more fulfilling than inspiring, helping and motivating others to achieve their own fitness goals. I’ve always been a very outgoing person and enjoy connecting with people on a personal level. I’m also a firm believer that exercise benefits mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing. Using a variety of training techniques and methods my aim is to provide support for a variety of goals from strength conditioning to pre and post event support, respite and recovery or day to day fitness.



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