Massage Therapist

Hello, I am Dawn! I was born in the hot and humid Singapore before leaving for UK in 2000 to study systems engineering so, I have been in UK for more than half my life.

After many years in the corporate world, I decided to heed the calling to play a positive role in people's well-being and pursue a total career change. Coupled with my interest in the musculoskeletal system, I took a Level 5 diploma under Institue of Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage which I’ve completed with excellent results and feedback. My course not only equipped me with advanced massage techniques, it also ensured I have a strong foundation in muscular system, good understanding of injury recovery and rehabilitation process. On top of that, I take regular courses to maintain and upskill myself.

Aside work, I am a wife and a mother to our 2 young cheeky girls. We share our home with our pets and love spending our time getting muddy being outdoors. In my spare time, I enjoy a variety of hobbies from knitting, singing to growing vegetables in our garden (there is just not enough time in a day!). I am warm and approachable, known for my zest of life among my friends.

My hope is to provide a friendly professional service to people from all walks of life that will hopefully put a positive note on their well being.

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