I am a Intensive Care Sister who initially went to see Lee because I had been long suffering from a work related shoulder/ neck injury. Lee treated the problem with several sports massages over a 2 month period. I was so impressed with Lee I decided to enlist his help with my other problem.

The fact being I was overweight and not as physically fit as I believed I should be. I was 5ft 8" and weighed 13stone and 7lbs!

After a consultation with Lee I entered into a fitness and weight loss program which was tailored to my personal lifestyle. It quickly became apparent that Lees experience and knowledge coupled with his exceptional personal skills gently encouraged and focused my efforts into positive and consistent action.

What can I say about Mr Lee Paines ? Well firstly my husband got sick of hearing about Lee said this and Lee said that etc etc ! Joking aside Lee has a great way of listening and then making well thought out suggestions to increase your chances of making measured success in your training regime and food choices. This coupled with the modern and private facilities Lee provides enabled me to relax and focus on the task ahead without feeling self conscious. This was really important to me as I had previously tried personal training in a public gym and did not feel comfortable being "watched" by other gym goers.

Lee is totally thorough in his preparation and provided continual advice in a way that has changed my long term views on eating, physical fitness and lifestyle. He has empowered me and educated me ; one of Lee's favourite quotes, "you can't out train a bad diet"..... My favourite repeated phrase " how many more ?!!! "

I am a happier & fitter, 5ft 8" (he couldn't change that) however I now weigh a comfortable and healthy 10st 7lbs which is still reducing. I have the tools to continue my journey to increased fitness and will see Lee when I believe I need wise words and remedial massage to my shoulder.

So my advice to you readers is invest in yourself and give Lee a call today :)


  • Lee is incredibly well educated and stays up to the moment on new discoveries and recent thinking in the sciences that underpin his work – anatomy, physiology and exercise and nutritional science. Then, he listens to me; he really listens to Read More
    Brett: “Listening to me and supporting with injury rehabilitation”
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