“Approximately ten years ago, a motorbike injury had left me with a number of spinal injuries, and since then I have been working with a number of practising specialist such as chiropractors, Osteopaths and physiotherapists all of which have required regular treatments due to ongoing strains and pains. I was introduced to Lee via recommendation and whilst happy to try any form of treatment to improve my situation, I will admit to being sceptical of how much of an improvement could be achieved through Sports massage. Following the initial consultation session, I was surprised to notice the improvement in spinal movement, along with the feeling of release in areas such as my shoulders and neck. I have since had repeated appointments with Lee, and find the professional approach, along with the length of appointment (most osteopaths and chiropractors I have experienced set appointments for 25-30 minutes - Sports massage can last between 45 minutes to an hour depending on treatment) not only relaxing but extremely affective.

When I first met Lee he used to ask which areas were affected the most, and I used to spend 5 minutes describing the tightness and pains experienced since my previous session. After only a small number of appointments, now when I am asked the same question, I find it difficult if not impossible to identify specific instances whereby my back has given me discomfort. I have seen the benefits of sports massage not only in the short term, but also over a longer period of time, and will continue to work to maintain the flexibility I have now gained.”


  • Lee is incredibly well educated and stays up to the moment on new discoveries and recent thinking in the sciences that underpin his work – anatomy, physiology and exercise and nutritional science. Then, he listens to me; he really listens to Read More
    Brett: “Listening to me and supporting with injury rehabilitation”
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