“I've been seeing Lee for just over a year, after I pulled muscles in my back whilst being a big kid on holiday in Disneyland, because work can involve some heavy lifting, and now that I'm in 'regular' training at the gym, I see him once every 6 weeks for 'maintenance. This is something I did in the past before moving to Swindon - back when I worked in an office, but I certainly didn't understand or appreciate the benefits a regular session would bring.

In that year Lee has also treated a trapped nerve in my shoulder, and we've just begun light work on my weakened ankle, an injury that dates back 10 years or so, in a hope that I can wear ridiculously high heels or attempt 10 mins on the treadmill without having to ice it for days afterwards.Lee is ever the consummate professional, yet has a knack of making you feel at ease. He's always on hand for that 'emergency' or feeling of dread, even if it's just to offer advice or reassurance over the phone.“


  • Lee is incredibly well educated and stays up to the moment on new discoveries and recent thinking in the sciences that underpin his work – anatomy, physiology and exercise and nutritional science. Then, he listens to me; he really listens to Read More
    Brett: “Listening to me and supporting with injury rehabilitation”
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