“I have a sedentary job, which involves long hours hunched up over a computer keyboard. I had long accepted shoulder and neck pain as being just part of the job, until I also started to suffer with my back locking up in the evenings. Then I discovered Lee Paines Sports Massage. When I went for my first appointment, Lee took time to listen to my history, and then set to work on a course of treatment. Within a few weeks, my back had stopped locking up, and my neck and shoulders were no longer painful after a long day at work. Regular appointments since then have left me feeling free of aches and pains. Lee is always happy to attend to any new ailments that crop up between appointments, with an appropriate treatment to resolve the problem, and advice on how to avoid it in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone, whether they have a particular ailment that needs treatment, or whether they just need regular maintenance visits to avoid problems in the future.”


  • Lee is incredibly well educated and stays up to the moment on new discoveries and recent thinking in the sciences that underpin his work – anatomy, physiology and exercise and nutritional science. Then, he listens to me; he really listens to Read More
    Brett: “Listening to me and supporting with injury rehabilitation”
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