Pete McVey

I started working with Lee in September 2012 after many unsuccessful diet plans and failed gym memberships. My goal was to simply loose weight that I had slowly gained over several years, and start feeling good about myself again...

Pete McVey

Although I had some limited success with diets, I always found them to be unsustainable and as soon as I started eating three square meals a day, I would again gain the weight I had previously lost.

After my first initial sessions with Lee, I instantly knew that collectively we would exceed my goals. Lee took the time to understand what I was hoping to achieve and what made me tick. As a result Lee was able to work with me to get the very best from me during our PT sessions.

In addition to Lee's unique skill in being able to get the best from his clients, we worked on several nutrition plans and quickly identified a nutrition plan that supported my weight loss goals. The major benefits I gained from a professional nutrition plan was that the plan was sustainable and I also gained increased energy levels.

By the end January 2013, I had lost a total of 3st 10 lbs and achieved by goal of 10 stone, whilst dropping my body fat from 30 % to 14%.

Lee has given me the confidence and the knowledge to continue training and working with my nutrition plan to further improve my body fat count and build the lean muscle gains.

I would recommend Lee to anyone considering a PT or anyone that may be facing similar challenges to my self. If you can be committed and follow Lee's professional advice, Lee will ensure that collectively you exceed your goals!

Many thanks for all your help Lee, you're a great inspiration and a true professional

38 years of age

Jules Thornton

I found Lee's website while searching for a remedial massage therapist in Swindon. From my first appointment I felt comfortable with Lee, confident in his professional manner and liking his friendly approach. I have a permanent serious elbow injury, which Lee has diligently worked at to regain full shoulder movement and significantly reduce elbow pain. I have also started personal training and with care and ingenuity Lee works around my injury to maximize the benefit of training to me. The sessions are challenging but fun too! Lee's enthusiasm is very motivating and my running and overall fitness have already improved. Lee is professional and dedicated; I recommend him without reserve.

Tracey Swindle

I am a 44 year old Intensive Care Sister who initially went to see Lee because I had been long suffering from a work related shoulder/ neck injury. Lee treated the problem with several sports massages over a 2 month period. I was so impressed with Lee I decided to enlist his help with my other problem.

The fact being I was overweight and not as physically fit as I believed I should be. I was 5ft 8" and weighed 13stone and 7lbs!

After a consultation with Lee I entered into a fitness and weight loss program which was tailored to my personal lifestyle. It quickly became apparent that Lees experience and knowledge coupled with his exceptional personal skills gently encouraged and focused my efforts into positive and consistent action.

Tracey Swindle

What can I say about Mr Lee Paines ? Well firstly my husband got sick of hearing about Lee said this and Lee said that etc etc ! Joking aside Lee has a great way of listening and then making well thought out suggestions to increase your chances of making measured success in your training regime and food choices. This coupled with the modern and private facilities Lee provides enabled me to relax and focus on the task ahead without feeling self conscious. This was really important to me as I had previously tried personal training in a public gym and did not feel comfortable being "watched" by other gym goers.

Lee is totally thorough in his preparation and provided continual advice in a way that has changed my long term views on eating, physical fitness and lifestyle. He has empowered me and educated me ; one of Lee's favourite quotes, "you can't out train a bad diet"..... My favourite repeated phrase " how many more ?!!! "

I am a happier & fitter, 5ft 8" (he couldn't change that) however I now weigh  a comfortable and healthy 10st 7lbs which is still reducing. I have the tools to continue my journey to increased fitness and will see Lee when I believe I need wise words and remedial massage to my shoulder.

So my advice to you readers is invest in yourself and give Lee a call today :)

Leighton Griffiths

“Approximately ten years ago, a motorbike injury had left me with a number of spinal injuries, and since then I have been working with a number of practising specialist such as chiropractors, Osteopaths and physiotherapists all of which have required regular treatments due to ongoing strains and pains. I was introduced to Lee via recommendation and whilst happy to try any form of treatment to improve my situation, I will admit to being sceptical of how much of an improvement could be achieved through Sports massage. Following the initial consultation session, I was surprised to notice the improvement in spinal movement, along with the feeling of release in areas such as my shoulders and neck. I have since had repeated appointments with Lee, and find the professional approach, along with the length of appointment (most osteopaths and chiropractors I have experienced set appointments for 25-30 minutes - Sports massage can last between 45 minutes to an hour depending on treatment) not only relaxing but extremely affective.

When I first met Lee he used to ask which areas were affected the most, and I used to spend 5 minutes describing the tightness and pains experienced since my previous session. After only a small number of appointments, now when I am asked the same question, I find it difficult if not impossible to identify specific instances whereby my back has given me discomfort. I have seen the benefits of sports massage not only in the short term, but also over a longer period of time, and will continue to work to maintain the flexibility I have now gained.”

Sarah Wells

“I've been seeing Lee for just over a year, after I pulled muscles in my back whilst being a big kid on holiday in Disneyland, because work can involve some heavy lifting, and now that I'm in 'regular' training at the gym, I see him once every 6 weeks for 'maintenance. This is something I did in the past before moving to Swindon - back when I worked in an office, but I certainly didn't understand or appreciate the benefits a regular session would bring.

In that year Lee has also treated a trapped nerve in my shoulder, and we've just begun light work on my weakened ankle, an injury that dates back 10 years or so, in a hope that I can wear ridiculously high heels or attempt 10 mins on the treadmill without having to ice it for days afterwards.Lee is ever the consummate professional, yet has a knack of making you feel at ease. He's always on hand for that 'emergency' or feeling of dread, even if it's just to offer advice or reassurance over the phone.“

Isabel Palmer

Lee Paines has been invaluable to my family's success in sport. Through regular massage therapy from Lee, combined with his recommendations on exercise and injury management, my son recovered quickly from two stress fractures to become an Army Physical Training Instructor. He also helped me to become a European SIlver medallist in triathlon in July this year despite having major knee surgery in January. He is also playing a crucial part in my preparations for the World championships in September. He has extensive knowledge and experience of sports injuries and correctly identified the source of my knee problem long before the medical practitioners I consulted. He is constantly reviewing and updating his skills and knowledge base and I have complete trust in his judgement.

Steve Medcraft

“I have a sedentary job, which involves long hours hunched up over a computer keyboard. I had long accepted shoulder and neck pain as being just part of the job, until I also started to suffer with my back locking up in the evenings. Then I discovered Lee Paines Sports Massage. When I went for my first appointment, Lee took time to listen to my history, and then set to work on a course of treatment. Within a few weeks, my back had stopped locking up, and my neck and shoulders were no longer painful after a long day at work. Regular appointments since then have left me feeling free of aches and pains. Lee is always happy to attend to any new ailments that crop up between appointments, with an appropriate treatment to resolve the problem, and advice on how to avoid it in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone, whether they have a particular ailment that needs treatment, or whether they just need regular maintenance visits to avoid problems in the future.”

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