Bespoke Nutrition Plan

At Lee Paines our bespoke nutrition plans are tailored to suit your specific needs and goals.

This service requires an initial consultation where we gather information about your current dietary habits, nutritional intake and your attitudes towards food. We understand the demands of busy every day life so this can be completed via telephone, skype or facetime if your schedule makes a face to face consultation difficult. We understand that everybody is different and not everybody is starting from the same point so gathering this information enables us to produce your individual plan, structured to fit your lifestyle and goals.

We believe that there is no quick fix but a need for a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid the myriad of misleading information that has diluted our understanding of the basics. Restrictive eating, fad dieting and well marketed meal replacement products may promise quick, amazing results but they are to the detriment of our our long term health.

Equally whilst we have a positive view on supplementation products, our nutrition plans are based around quality whole foods as in our experience this approach leads to sustainability when trying to achieve goals. We therefore treat supplements as nutritional insurance to complement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We will guide you in understanding and achieving a good balance.

In essence nutrition is simple - consistency is the key...

Bespoke Nutrition Programmes

Bespoke Nutrition Programmes£40.00